We at Howden India understand the role technology can play in today’s world and have developed several online systems designed to efficiently manage the administration and reporting needs of complex insurance programme for all parties involved.

We can link offices across different territories via tailored online platforms to ensure consistency of approach and transparency of information throughout any insurance programme.Classes of business covered by our products include marine cargo, employee benefits, trade credit and motor / mobile plant & equipment. To ensure we provide a complete service, a risk management online programme is also available to enhance claims handling and strategic loss prevention.

Some of the Technical Solutions offered are:

  • Howden Benefits: Our flagship product for administration of Employee Benefits, Howden Benefits is in use by more than 100 clients today. The Online Portal offers Employees the freedom to view their insurance coverage details, download e-cards and claim forms, find out Network Hospitals and enroll mid year dependents. Howden Benefits also offers HR and Administrators features to add new joiners and remove leavers from the insurance policy and access to various reports to better understand claims.
  • Howden Benefits Mobile App: Available on Android and iOS platform, this easy to use Mobile App allows Employees to access various information related to Health Insurance Policy. The Mobile App also provides access to various Wellness Calculators allowing users to better understand their health profile.
  • Client Management Solutions:Client Management Solutions provides an online, real time information database which manages individual policies, claims and the implementation of risk management strategies to help you to manage and control a highly effective insurance programme.It contains relevant general insurance information, downloadable claim forms and other necessary insurance documents useable by risk managers and insurance administrators accessible from anywhere in the world.Useful features include high level Management Summary Reports that can be tailored to individual requirements.

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