Opportunities abound. Business models however, are becoming increasingly complex and boundaryless. Success or failure, therefore, depends on the ability to understand and manage the complete spectrum of risks. Howden Risk Management Services offer a Total Risk Perspective. A perspective that aims to protect your balance sheet. Not just Risk Management through insurance. Not just addressing a limited number of risk classes. But a 360 degree view of risks.

What makes us stand apart as a "truly" need-based Risk Management solution provider is our capability in identifying, understanding, analysing and managing interactions and interdependencies in risks across the organization.

Do the following issues bother your organisation?

  • Enhancing Corporate Governance through transparent decision support
  • Mapping business risks facing the organization
  • Understanding liability exposures
  • Understanding impact of operational risks
  • Optimising your risk spend
  • Introducing a risk aware culture in your organization
  • Mapping business risks facing the organization
  • Ensuring the continuity of business after a disaster
  • Developing cost effective risk mitigation strategies
  • Analysing a new project

We have a dedicated risk management and “Risk Engineering Services (RES)” practice that enjoys close working relationships with its clients throughout the world. RES staff has engaged with a large number of companies across the world resulting in great improvements to overall risk profiles at production facilities. From our experience we have a great deal of information available to us that can be added to the in-house experience and knowledge of clients in various industries

The services offered by RES range from simple risk inspections of manufacturing facilities to enterprise risk management aimed at protecting balance sheets of our customers. Our services include

  • HAZOP & risk analysis
  • Portfolio and risk audit
  • Safety and health services
  • Liability exposure analysis
  • Business continuity planning and disaster management
  • Loss prevention services
  • Enterprise risk management

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