The cover is All Risk without any exclusion.

The cover to include all material & physical damage caused by.

  • Fires (with and without blaze), explosions, implosions, direct lightning, indirect lightning
  • Crash of manned / unmanned flying objects
  • Earthquake, Volcanic eruption, seaquake, tsunami, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, tornadoes and other convulsions of nature
  • Storm, wind, storm tide, hail, avalanche, rock slide, land slide, act of God
  • Tap water, tidewater, flooding, backwater, ground water, rain water, ice drift, water/dampness, corrosion, steam, frost, ice drifit/sampness and other types of liquid, snow damage
  • Error in construction, material defects, manufacturing discrepancies, over voltage, induction, damage through indirect lightning
  • Negligence, untrained or improper handling, operational errors
  • Intentional damage by third parties, employees, agent
  • Malicious intent
  • Strike, lockout, riot, civil commotion
  • Theft, burglary, robbery
  • Terrorism

The cover is for All India – Any location in India – Office, Switch center, Remote BSC center, BTS sites, Warehouse, Guest houses, OFC cables throughout India. The cover should include all assets of declared and undeclared locations where client holds interest for its safe existence and uninterrupted operations.

The cover is for all assets including Plant and Machinery, Buildings, furniture and fixtures, office and other equipment, capital equipment, Capital work in progress and Inventories like stores and spares and/ or any items required for trade and / or business of the Telecom operations.

The cover should include the transit risk of all items moved or transported within / between any locations in India

The cover should include project / Erection insurance ( if not covered by the supplier)

The cover should include all risks during swapping of equipment between the insured locations (removal, transport, storage and fitting in the new location)

The cover should include all risks to equipment, stores, spares, etc. in warehouses all over India

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Sr VP & Head – Corporate Business


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