The Proposition

Howden India's ability to design and arrange competitive breakdown and maintenance programmes for Manufacturers, Importers, Dealers, Administrators, Insurance Brokers, Affinity groups, Banks & Finance Companies and Assistance Companies.

Product areas

  • New and Used Motor Cars
  • Trucks and All Heavy Equipment
  • Domestic and Commercial Electrical Goods
  • Computers and all peripheral equipment
  • Mobile Phones including theft cover
  • Furniture and stain guards

The Commercial Advantages

  • Increased bottom line profit by generating extra revenues
  • Customer retention
  • Retain product aftercare servicing
  • Produce a competitive edge to solicit new customers

How are the programmes run?

Howden India can identify and organize the best support and solution to all aspects of the scheme's management and control aimed at achieving the maximum revenue and customer retention of a proposed scheme. This includes:

  • Assistance programmes with 24 hour helplines
  • Engineering risk management support including breakdown and statutory inspection where required
  • Computer and peripheral equipment - All Risk Insurance including Data Reinstatement
  • Access to retained specialist consultants
  • Access to a range of worldwide administrators for all our Products if required.

Special Risks

  • Vehicle Etching
  • Tyre and Wheel Programmes
  • Medical Equipment
  • Enhancement Benefit for Internet Companies
  • Enhancement Benefit for Golfers
  • Eye Wear & Hearing Aid Programme
  • Involuntary Unemployment Insurance for
  • Outstanding Balances on Credit Cards or on Loans
  • Credit Card Enhancement Programmes
  • Cellular Phones
  • Warranties on Home Appliances