The Risk

For professions such as law, accounting and surveying through to those such as management consulting and investment advisors, there are risks associated with provision of a service. These include allegations of negligence, wrongful acts and errors or omissions arising from the conduct of business.

As the commercial environment becomes ever more litigious, so the risk increases. Organisations are now subject to greater regulation than ever before, making the risk of a compliance oversight more likely. It is also well known that when allegations are launched, no matter how spurious, the cost of the legal defence and any subsequent settlement can prove catastrophic.

The Solution

Howden India provides specialist advice, support and products to cover loss arising out of claims alleging negligence of the insureds in the provision of, or failure to provide, professional services.

We provide specialist cover for all professions

  • Accountants IT Consultants and Companies
  • Architects Legal
  • Consultants Management Consultants
  • Engineers Medical practitioners
  • Financial Services Professional bodies
  • Independent Financial Advisers Surveyors
  • IT Consultants and Companies
  • Management Consultants
  • Medical practitioners
  • Professional bodies
  • Surveyors

The Cover

All our products cover both damages and defence costs arising from allegations that maybe made on a company from a third party. The wordings are suitably customized for the various professions as required.