With increased pressure on costs, efficiencies have dictated automation of business processes. This has led to the use of software packages from standard accounting applications to integrated ERP solutions. The production based economy - founded on plant, land and labour, is increasingly shifting to knowledge and information based environment. Information has replaced hardware as the true assets. Most mission critical functions of an organization are today performed by automated information systems and network.

No wonder therefore, that IT and IT enabled Services Companies have been the largest recipients of outsourced work. With increased orders comes increased complexity and ergo increased risk. Organizations want to know that IT companies can deliver on projects and are demanding that suppliers prove they are able to mitigate the risk of delays or failures.

Howden has a focus group dedicated to the IT, ITES and BPO sector with a proven track record in providing risk consulting and insurance solutions. As a result of our long standing experience in arranging insurance for IT, ITES and BPO sector we can arrange solutions that include