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PRIVATE EQUITY AND VENTURE CAPITALISTS MANAGEMENT LIABILITY (PEML) Insurance policy offers private equity and venture capital firms an effective, comprehensive way to transfer and mitigate many of their most significant liabilities by combining 2 insurance coverages into one policy:   

1. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance    
2. Professional Services Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance    
The Howden PEML Insurance policy wordings is fully bespoke and offers protection for  past, present, and future: General Partners, Fund Entities, Managing Members, Fund Management Company and Functional Equivalent, Directors and Officers, Employees, Advisory board members & executives, Subsdiaries and SPV's and Functional equivalents.     
Unlike many of our competitors, the PEML is not insurer drafted and hence aims to provide a broader level of cover than the ones prevalent in the market.     
The Howden PEML has few exclusions  as compared to others and attempts to bridge the ‘gap’ between D&O and E&O claims  

For Further Information Contact:

Gajanan Rudra

Vice President - Private Equity


+91-22-6655 8824